MAGALLOWAY PLANTATION — A camp building was destroyed in a fire Thursday afternoon, but no one was hurt, Fire Chief James Kenney said Friday.

The fire was called in at 4:05 p.m. by someone who noticed the smoke and flames while driving by.

Crews from Rangeley, Wilsons Mills, Eustis, Milan, New Hampshire and Errol, New Hampshire, assisted in putting out the two-story, wood-frame house fire. The building is owned by Ernest and Rose Hinckley of Westbrook, who use the structure as a camp. The building was insured.

Fire marshals were unable to identify the cause of the blaze or to make a thorough investigation because the building reignited around 3 a.m Friday and burned down to the foundation.

“We’re assuming it was electrical,” Kenney said.

Former Rangeley Fire Chief Tim Pellerin said the biggest challenge the Rangeley crew faced was the drive: 30 miles, which meant a 35-minute response time.

“We’re grateful for all the help we received,” Kenney said. “We managed to save all the outbuildings and no one was hurt.”

This was Pellerin’s last fire response and the first for Michael Bacon in his position as the new Rangeley chief. Bacon served as the LaGrange fire chief for 14 years.

Pellerin has accepted the position of town manager in Harrison.

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Lt. Jonny Wakefield of the Rangeley Fire Department sprays water on a house fire in Megalloway Plantation on Thursday afternoon. The home was a total loss, but no one was hurt. (Tim Pellerin photo)

Firefighters from Rangeley, Eustis, Wilson Mills, Milan, New Hampshire and Errol, New Hampshire assisted Megalloway firefighters in responding to a house fire Thursday in Megalloway Plantation. The home was a total loss, but no one was hurt. (Tim Pellerin photo)

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