I have been a licensed clinical social worker for many years. I am quite aware of some of Mr. Trump’s weaknesses, negative habits, etc. His narcissistic personality has been noted and discussed by many learned people. His love of self and his needs must be met before the needs of others. He may believe that he is “special” and “unique” and has a sense of entitlement.

He may lack empathy and is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings of others. He may express arrogance and have haughty behaviors and attitudes toward others. 

He has a great lack of morality, uses profanity and has boasted about sticking his tongue down womens’ throats and grabbing their crotches. He has an apparent fascination with women who sell sex for large amounts of money.

The citizens of this country have been well informed about these weaknesses and fallibilities over the past year and a half.

More importantly, there is a growing concern among historians, Republicans and Democrats that time-honored aspects of our democracy may not survive the Trump presidency.

Ronald Melendy, Auburn 

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