The Tuesday, July 3, Sun Journal would have me feel sorry for Susan Collins, who must make a decision that might distress her party boss. On the contrary, I don’t feel sorry, not the least bit for the senator or her ill-bred (my words) stable genius (his words) boss, because they are precluding Americans from doing what should be an American rite viz. to make their own selection.

Our Founding Fathers, bless them all, devised a system of government with three independent branches and with intended checks to balance each. We are taking what should be checks and balances and turning them into charades of democracy.

If the executive chooses the judiciary, where is the check or balance? Where is the voice of the people? If the legislative stamps their approval on their party leader’s choice, where is the check or balance? Where is the voice of the people?

These actions mean that one party, then one man, can dictate government. We are no longer a government by the people, for the people. We are a country that has been taken over by a one-party reality television show. We must put aside our naivete and realize that mankind will always look for a way around, a weakness in the system, and that is what has happened to our country.

One party has taken control of our political system: the executive, the legislative and soon the Supreme Court. This is like putting the proverbial fox in charge of the hen house.

Jim Keough, Topsham

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