My heart is broken. I listened to John Sandweg, the former director of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, state that “it is probable some parents may never see their children again, since parents and children were separated and the parents immediately deported.”

How can this country, a proud supporter of democracy, condone this cruelty? Even more so, how can any Christian or decent human being allow this to happen? Children locked in cages, torn from the arms of parents, frightened and traumatized. As Americans we have found it deplorable when these issues have happened in other countries. Children should never be caught in the political crossfire, used as human footballs.

Our military has fought many wars to protect children and the vulnerable. It’s sad that as a United States citizen (a child of immigrants) I am deeply ashamed of the political leaders in our country.

In the future, this will be part of our history of the United States of America — I really care, do you?

Nancy J. Pinkham, Leeds

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