TURNER — The town Comprehensive Planning Committee is seeking input from residents on the care, use and cost of town buildings.

A special meeting on the topic is set for 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 18, in the Leavitt Institute Community Room.

Spanning the next 10 years, questions include: Are the buildings serving their intended purpose? Are they being adequately maintained? Would improvements increase their use and generate enough income to cover operating costs?

The meeting is the first of several public gatherings for residents to express their opinions and thoughts about various public services and facilities in Turner. The information gathered will be used to compile the next comprehensive plan.

The plan serves as a guide for elected officials when making decisions that affect many aspects of life in Turner, including public facilities, roads, recreation, business growth and housing.

Residents are encouraged to check the town’s website, www.turnermaine.com, for additional information on the committee’s meetings, progress and future public sessions.

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