We love little secondhand shops. 

Big secondhand shops? Big love. 

So Juliet’s Clothing — with its two-and-a-half-times larger space two doors down from its old Auburn storefront on Center Street — is gigantic LOVE.

Yes, all in caps.

We last visited Juliet’s maybe a couple of years ago. It was cute then, and we remember enjoying the selection of gently-used-yet-still-on-trend clothes, shoes and accessories. But the new space feels massive. In a good way. Like, you’re 5 years old and the local candy store’s suddenly become a much bigger candy store and now sells 11 flavors of Ring Pops.

Like that. With real rings.

Although Juliet’s does have a few home knickknacks for sale, you’ll mostly find stuff to wear. Gently used stuff. Never-worn stuff. Stuff you’ve never seen before. And if you aren’t completely sure how to put all that stuff together, Juliet’s often posts photos of ensembles on its Facebook page.

It’s awesome stuff. And a lot more of it now.

• Large swirly ring, $8
Juliet’s has a good selection of unique jewelry. Shopping Siren was drawn to this silver metal ring with a swirly pattern. It’s big — like, swallow-your-finger big — but also fun and chic and well-worth seeing if it’ll fit. If it doesn’t fit, let us know. Shopping Siren is willing to lend her hand.
• Charms, chains and pendants, $1, $3 and $5.95
Personalized charm jewelry can be expensive. Not here! And if you just happen to be into Halloween, Starbucks and sailing, you’ve just found charm Nirvana.   
• The North Face women’s fleece jacket, large, $27.95
These fleece jackets typically retail for $100 or more, so this pink number is a steal at less than $30. Buy it and stash it in your closet until winter. Which is a long way off. A long way off. Look, we won’t ruin your fantasies if you don’t ruin ours.
• Neon orange attached tank/shorts jumper, medium, $9.95

It’s incredibly short, semi-see-through polyester, a shade of orange that rivals the surface of the sun and so skimpy that Bag Lady thought the front was the back and the back was the front until Shopping Siren corrected her. But here’s the thing: You’re not going to find this anywhere else in L-A, and that makes it sort of amazing. 

• Men’s swim trunks, $5.95 to $8.95
By the way, Juliet’s isn’t just for women. It has men’s clothes! OK, it has a couple of racks of men’s clothes. In the back. But still, if you’re looking for a pair of gently used or new (tags still on them!) swim trunks for less than $10, this is the place to go. We’ve got maybe four weeks left of swim-able summer, so make it quick.

• L.L. Bean classic women’s blazer, large, $10.95

In taupe, lined, with three buttons. A chic workhorse you’ll be glad you own the morning everything’s in the laundry/you spilled coffee down your front/the dog jumped on you with muddy paws. So, like every Monday.

• Ann Taylor black and white sleeveless dress, $15.95

Surprisingly, there was an entire rack devoted to Ann Taylor, nearly all pieces looking barely worn and many of them in sizes 2 and 4. Someone in the greater Twin Cities just did a massive closet turnover. If you happen to be a size 2 and 4, seriously, pick up her awesome baton. 

• Gray retro rain boots, size 8, $10.95

Based on a pic we found online, we *think* these tall rain boots with sweet swirls and a pink little bird originally came from Target, but that’s just conjecture. Here’s what we do know for sure: They belong on a college campus, like, stat.

Best find: Ellen Tracy cashmere sweater, medium, $13.95

Super soft and a warm raspberry color. OK. Fine. Bring on winter.

Think twice: Lou & Grey women’s denim jumpsuit, small, $9.95

Faded jumpsuit for someone tall, thin and . . . convicted of at least a few minor crimes? Yeah. Not a good look. Instead, we recommend checking out the Amanda Lane size 4 aqua and brown sundress for the same $9.95. It’s cute and no one will think you just busted out of jail.

For everyone else not anywhere close to a size 4 (us, we mean us), look around. If you need it, Juliet’s will probably have it.

And if you buy that orange neon tank/jumper and secure an audition for a 1999 music video, send a photo, PLEASE.

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren’s true identities are protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who believe secondhand shoes chew better) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach them at [email protected] and [email protected].

Gray retro rain boots found at Juliet’s Closet in Auburn. (Online photo)

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