A passer-by walks past two toilets sitting on the edge of Main Street in Yarmouth acting as place savers for the annual Clam Festival Parade on Friday night. In the days before the parade, it’s more typical to see lawn chairs out to save viewing spots for the parade. (Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald)

Some cheeky Yarmouth residents found a new use for some old toilets this week.

A pair of commodes were placed in front of a home on Main Street as a creative choice of reserved seating for the upcoming Yarmouth Clam Festival parade.

It has been a longstanding tradition for residents in Yarmouth to claim spots to watch the parade with lawn chairs. In the weeks, sometimes months, leading up to the parade, hundreds of chairs can be seen lining Main Street. Chairs have been spotted even in the early months of winter.

Some residents have even resorted to using ropes to section off more space on the side of the road, a practice that has been commonplace for many years.

Now residents appear to be raising the chair game to another level with the porcelain thrones in place of folding lawn chairs. One passer-by appreciated the bathroom humor Wednesday, but let’s hope no one mistakes the unusual seating choice for a public latrine.

This year the Yarmouth Clam Festival takes place July 20-22, with the parade kicking off the festival at 6 p.m. Friday. Festivities continue throughout the weekend, with the Maine State Clam Shucking Contest on Saturday at 11 a.m., fireworks that same night at 9:15 p.m., ending with the Diaper Derby crawling race at noon on Sunday. Daily activities include live music, carnival rides, an arts & crafts show and photos with Steamer the Clam, the official festival mascot.

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