WILTON — Renovations have begun at the former tannery building on Routes 2 and 4 for phase one of transforming it into a business park.

Co-owner John Black said an 11,500-square-foot renovation of the front of the building is underway at Wilson Stream Business Park.

“The goal is to have a 24,000-square-foot building shelled in before snow flies,” Black said. “Interior renovations will continue through the winter. We’re looking for tenants and will build out the space accordingly. The availability of fiber-optic cable is a plus.”

Originally 62,000 square feet, once all three phases are complete the building will be between 42,000 and 45,000 square feet. More parking will be added, Black said.

He sees the park as a destination with unique businesses. He is willing to work with people on the business end to help them get started.

“I’m open to any ideas,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of good mentors and want to help others coming in.” 

Local contractor RL Huntley will begin construction in a couple of weeks.

The park has one tenant. Scott Holbrook is the owner of LeBaron Bonney, a company that manufactures antique auto-interior kits. The company began in Massachusetts and still operates there.

Holbrook employs 21 people in all, with five working in Wilton. He can customize kits for every foreign or domestic car or truck from 1928 to 1998. 

The company has 200 fabrics in stock with close to 900 being available in the future. Small pieces or full rolls may be purchased. Slip or seat covers can be made from leather, vinyl, velour, tweed and wool.

“Everything is made to order,” he said. “We’ve got heavy-duty fabrics that are great in trucks.”

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This new sign can be seen at the former tannery on Routes 2 and 4 in Wilton. The facility is now Wilson Stream Business Park. (Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal)

John Black, left, co-owner of Wilson Stream Business Park in Wilton, discusses renovation plans for the former tannery with contractor Richard L. Huntley. (Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal)

Evrett Greer of Wilton sews fabric at LeBaron Bonney, a custom interior antique automobile kit business. It is the first tenant at Wilson Stream Business Park in Wilton. (Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal)

Scott Holbrook, owner of LeBaron Bonney, stands with rolls of fabric in stock at his space at Wilson Stream Business Park in Wilton. (Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal)

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