Alex Hager, 32, Warwick, Rhode Island, allow minor to possess or consume liquor on Jan 21, 2006, permanently transferred to Superior Court.

Gregory Knight, 36, Boston, Massachusetts, assault, disorderly conduct, offensive words, gestures on Aug. 27, 2008, first charge, dismissed; second charge, found guilty, fined $500.

Roy Barbosa, 51, Suttons Bay, Michigan, rule violation, operation with false duty status on July 28, 2011, found guilty, fined $750.

Christopher Gamble, 48, Auburn, theft of services on Aug. 12, 2012, found guilty, fined $100, restitution $35.

Samuel Owen Warner, 30, Waldoboro, operate while license suspended or revoked, prior on July 17, 2014, found guilty, fined $500.

Linwood L. Lovejoy, 24, Farmington, domestic violence assault on June 6, 2015, probation violation, sentenced to 120 days, probation partially revoked.

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