TURNER — The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the Fire Department’s vote to make Nathan Guptill the new fire chief for the town of Turner.

The Fire Department voted last Thursday on the matter, but the board needed to formally approve the vote at their meeting Monday night.

The previous Fire Chief, Rodney Guptill, Nathan Guptill’s father, is stepping down.

“Nathan Guptill was the only candidate nominated and the vote for him was enthusiastic,” Town Manager Kurt Shaub said.

Also on Monday, American Legion Unit 111 officer Harris Bradeen asked the board about the American flags that are displayed at town cemeteries for Memorial Day.

“What happens with them when they’re taken,” he asked.

Town Manager Kurt Shaub said some of the flags are brought back to the Town Office, but he was not sure where all of them were taken.

Bradeen said the American Legion had a program they can do to respectfully dispose of the unusable flags that are brought back.

The board wanted to know of all if the flags are disposed of every year, and Bradeen said no, just the unserviceable ones.

“If a flag is still serviceable we give it back to the town,” Bradeen said.

Board members said they would tell the volunteers who collect flags to bring them all back to the Town Hall, and they will let Bradeen know when the flags are returned so he and the American Legion can dispose of them properly.

In other matters, a speed limit study was performed, at the request of the board, on Blake Road by Regional Traffic Engineer Tim Soucie. The road is currently unposted and has a rural speed limit of 45 mph.

Soucie’s recommended speed limit for the road is 25 mph. Selectmen President Kurt Youland thought that was too low. He suggested a compromise of 35 mph.

The board will formally make the speed limit suggestion to Soucie, who will decide the appropriate speed.