I was thrilled to hear that Michael Lachance had entered the race for District 61 because Mike is hardworking, dedicated, fair, honest and diligent. He works hard for his constituents and is not afraid to speak out against issues that he knows are wrong.

I know firsthand how Mike goes out of his way to help his constituents. A few years ago, he helped me get my street repaved. A street that had not been repaved since 1988. I had tried for five years but to no avail. Mike took pictures of the road conditions and made a presentation to the City Council. His perseverance paid off and my street was finally repaved after almost 30 years. Without his efforts I would still be talking to deaf ears.

If elected, we will finally have a voice in Augusta who will work for the citizens of Lewiston.

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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