AUBURN — Police are hoping to quell online rumors that there have been attempted child abductions in the city, including at the Auburn Walmart. 

In response to the rumors, the Auburn Police Department released a statement via Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday.

The post, which began with “RUMOR CONTROL” displayed in all capital letters, reads: “Facebook is teeming with posts that there was an attempted child abduction at the Auburn Walmart. This is simply not true, APD has not had any reports of any activity like this.”

Interim Chief Jason Moen said Auburn police felt they needed to address the issue after rumors “spiraled out of control.” 

One Facebook post from Tuesday, which had been shared more than 100 times, claimed “there are several people trying to abduct children in the Auburn area,” including at Walmart. 

Moen said police had received a few calls and messages regarding the rumors. 

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