TURNER — When it comes to outdoor recreation, the town of Turner has a lot to offer. Now it is looking to spread the word and show people how to access it.

The Comprehensive Planning Committee meeting, held at The Great Outdoors off North Parish Road, was held as a way for the public to voice opinions.

Nearly four dozen people gathered Tuesday night to talk about what the town has, what it needs and what it could do better.

On the wish list are more walking paths, fishing access for the handicapped and increased access to the rivers for kayaking and paddle boarding.

“It was a very good session,” Town Manager Kurt Schaub said. “Very informative. Lots of good conversation.”

One theme that emerged was the desire for more places to walk for those who do not want to hike trails or brave busy roads.

“Definitely interested in pursuing more walking trails within the community,” Schaub said.

“One of the reasons being that people are just driving so fast these days it’s almost dangerous to walk along any of the roads — particularly state roads.”

Part of the discussion focused on Riverlands State Park, which offers a trail system for visitors on foot, bicycles, ATVs or horses.

“It some ways, you might call it inventorying what is already here and making people more aware of outdoor recreation that already exists,” Schaub said.

“There are an awful lot of resources and opportunities out there that people locally don’t seem to be aware of.”

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