GRAY — Maine Wildlife Park will offer an opportunity for the public to watch a wildlife eat their daily meals at scheduled times starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, on Route 26.

The animals are fed a healthy natural diet that is as close to what they’d eat in the wild as possible. 

The feeding schedule is:

• 10 a.m., lynx, bobcat and cougar;

• 11 a.m., small mammals;

• Noon, deer, fawns and moose calf;

• 1 p.m., eagles;

• 2 p.m., nocturnal creatures; and

• 3 p.m., bear.

The park does allow feeding the appropriate food for its deer, ground birds, bears and hatchery brook trout from its feed machines.

For more information call 207-657-4977; or go online to, or on Facebook.

A lynx eats its meal at the Maine Wildlife Park. The park will allow visitors to see its animals be fed on Sept. 1.