People have an incredible opportunity before them in November. Voters will decide if Maine will be the first in the nation to establish a universal home care system for all Maine seniors, including the elder and disabled veterans. As an 81-year-old veteran and a retired auditor and fraud analyst, I can see the common sense in the proposal.

I live with my wife in our home, and we are doing well right now. We are lucky that we don’t have more health issues. I have two stents in my heart, and I have had a prostate operation. My wife is a survivor of breast cancer. I fear for the day that we won’t be able to care for each other or for the home we love.

My mother-in-law lived in this house until she was 89 years old; we moved in with her to care for her. When she lost her eyesight, we did move her to senior housing and, at 93, she did have to go into a nursing home.

It would have been better if we had access to home care services. That could have meant that she could have stayed here, at her home, longer. Also, everyone knows that nursing homes are really expensive and it doesn’t take long for a facility to eat up what money people have saved their entire life.

I hope voters will join me in supporting Question 1 in November so loved ones can stay in their homes and protect their life savings.

Clayton Clarke, Poland

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