OTISFIELD — Selectman Rick Micklon told the board Wednesday evening that he is speaking with a local family who wants to donate a picnic table for the town beach at Pleasant Lake.

Micklon said the family temporarily lost their property due to unpaid taxes, and rather than “evicting them, they worked out something with the board to take care of the tax problem.”

He said “it meant a lot to the family that they were allowed to stay, since that home was where they had raised their family,” Micklon said. “They said they wanted to donate something to the town as repayment, and they saw something in the newspaper about picnic tables being vandalized at the beach at Pleasant Lake.”

“The board thought it was a great gesture on their behalf,” Micklon added.

Administrative Assistant Anne Pastore said she found a brochure from Belson Outdoor Furniture that featured a variety of picnic tables that the family could choose from.

Micklon said he wanted to find some other options for the family to look at before making a decision.

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Otisfield Selectmen Lenny Adler and Chairman Hal Ferguson speak Wednesday evening about a donation of a picnic table for the town beach on Pleasant Lake.