Sen. Susan Collins knows that the way things are going now is not how the nation’s founders meant the system to work. The Supreme Court is simply too important to allow one party to stack it with partisan judges for decades.

According to a recent ABC/Washington Post poll (Sept. 4), the American public is evenly divided (38 percent against; 39 percent for) on the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land. Those who support his nomination represent the lowest approval rate of a Supreme Court nominee since Robert Bork, who was ultimately denied confirmation. And according to a recent CNN/SSRS poll (Sept. 4), only 28 percent of American women support Kavanaugh’s appointment.

If Collins is truly independent, truly an advocate for women’s rights, truly a steward of Maine’s clean air and water, truly a moderate, then she will withhold her consent until after Kavanaugh’s full public record has been released so the Judiciary Committee can decide if he is worthy of a seat on the highest court.

Ellen Frankel, New Gloucester

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