STRONG — Selectman Mike Pond came prepared Tuesday night with several recommendations, which other members of the Board of Selectmen unanimously accepted.

Pond requested a review of banking options in an effort to reduce charges incurred by the town.

The town now uses Bangor Savings Bank for most of its accounts. Pond said the bank charges the town $2,200 a year in fees.

“Franklin Savings Bank has been talking to me and they would like to do our checkbook,” Pond said. “Under their plan, there are no fees attached to the checking account.”

Treasurer Sandra Mitchell noted the fees charged by Bangor Savings Bank were mostly attached to payroll.

“No, that’s not from payroll,” Pond said.

Three banks will be invited to make presentations to the board so selectmen can review options.

Pond also said Road Commissioner Duayne Boyd had been seeking bids for winter sand. Selectmen approved Pond’s request to grant Boyd permission to enter into a formal agreement with the company he deemed appropriate.

Selectmen also accepted Pond’s motion that the town not apply for a dance license for Forster Memorial Building in 2019.

“Why do we have a dance license if no one ever rents it to dance?” Pond said.

“I don’t think it would be unethical to put up a sign that says ‘No Dancing Permitted Per Order of Selectmen,’ and don’t apply for a dance license. I think it is a waste of money.”

Selectman Rod Cook said although the hall is rented for weddings, people do not dance there because alcohol is not permitted on the property.

In other matters, Chairman Richard Worthley said there had been several complaints about aroma from air fresheners that had been placed around the Forester Memorial Building, which houses the Town Office and library. The fresheners were installed after a water issue caused damage to the basement.

The air fresheners could cause issues for people with respiratory issues and should be removed, Worthley said.

“If we are covering something up,,” he said, “we need to get some air purifiers, but we need to get rid of these air fresheners.”

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