NORWAY — The president of an local business is seeking permits to convert two houses on Fair Street, one for apartments and the other for his headquarters.

Jon Palmer, president of Pro Solutions HVAC Inc., told the Planning Board on Thursday that he wanted to turn the house at 11 Fair St. into three two-bedroom apartments. It would require a change-of-use permit.

“The building is in good shape overall,” Palmer said. “It was built in 1958 and needs new heating, but otherwise, it’s good. I want to put some walls up in there and create the units.”

He said he wants to get income from the rentals and then “work on the house at 9 Fair St.

“I’d like to use that house for my business,” Palmer said. “This place has been for sale for about nine years. I wanted to make something out of it.”

Chairman Dennis Gray said, “It will be interesting to see your plans for parking with those houses. That section of road is very busy.  It could be a tricky situation.”

He told Palmer he needs to bring the board more paperwork before a change-of-use permit is approved.

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