BETHEL — Cherri Crockett of Bethel has announced her candidacy for Oxford County register of deeds.

Born and raised in Oxford County, Crockett is from a hard working logging family with a long commitment to public service. After attending local schools in Peru and Dixfield she pursued her secondary education in photography and writing. In addition to running her own business, Crockett works with her husband, Andy, a veteran logger in the area.

Professionally she is a member of Business Network International Successful Business Partners of Norway and serves as a director for BNI Maine, which assists member businesses in creating growth.

Crockett is seeking to become the first Oxford County register of deeds in history. The unique situation arises as a result of the 128th Maine Legislature consolidating the Oxford County register of deeds (West) and Oxford County register of deeds (East) registries.

The registry is responsible for maintaining the records for all the land in Oxford County. With the retirement of two accomplished Registers in Pat Sherman and Jean Watson the new position is vacant.

When asked about the inevitable challenges associated with the consolidation, Crockett sited her organizational skills and an ability to work with people as strengths that will smooth the transition.

“It’s of utmost importance that the transition process be thought through and handled with precision considering the significance of the subject matter. The records for over a million acres of land, dating back to before Maine became a state, is involved,” she said, adding, “Input from stakeholders, and building on the best qualities of both former registries will be essential.”

Crockett’s love of history and deep roots in the area are behind her seeking the position. She is committed to being a good steward of not only the land records, but of taxpayer dollars.

“An elected official must be fiscally responsible to maintain the public trust. I will strive to be worthy of that trust, as well as continuing the legacy of the two dedicated registers that are retiring at this historic time in our county.”

Cherri Crockett

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