GREENE — The film, “The Colorado Plateau: Red Rock Country” by Gray Warriner, will be screening at 2 and 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12, at the Sawyer Memorial.

Known around the world, the Colorado Plateau is the heartland of more national parks than anywhere else in the world. The spectacular colors of Red Rock Country are captured in HDTV and include a geologic rainbow of blue, purple and yellow strata shaped by erosion into countless textures and forms. Spend time exploring Arches National Park and the Colorado River’s deep canyons with the filmmaker who made the visitor center auditorium programs for so many of the national parks of the Colorado Plateau.

Hang on to your seat belt — flight seeing is an exciting way to visit Glen Canyon’s expansive desert oasis, Lake Powell. Join a houseboat expedition into the heart of 1,000-foot deep red rock canyons and glide under massive, overhanging alcoves.

The film also explores northern Arizona, joining Navajo storytellers and Indian traders at Hubbell Trading Post to learn how the now-vanishing trading posts changed the Navajo people beginning in the mid-1800s. Canyon de Chelly National Monument is the heartland of Navajo beliefs. Storyteller William Yazzie is the film’s spellbinding guide to the canyons that we see and to stories and histories that even more colorful than the brilliant red rocks.

Navajo National Monument is one of the least known, but one of the most dramatic parks protecting cultural sites. We hike into Keet Seel, America’s best preserved cliff dwelling and to the 13th-century village of Betatakin. The Hopi Tribe’s cultural preservation officer Lee Kuwanwisiwma traces his ancestors’ roots through these canyons and guides us through their history.

From Colorado’s Mesa Verde to Nevada’s Lost City, you’ll see the Southwest, in part, through the eyes of its first peoples and discover the stories and lore that live on, setting the Colorado Plateau apart from every other corner of our nation.

Admission is free. Araxine Wilkins Sawyer Memorial is at 371 Sawyer Road. 

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