I have been on the federal “no call” list for many years. Until about two years ago, I used to get about two unsolicited calls per year while many people were screaming about them. Unfortunately, I now get five to 10 every day, about 75 percent of them robocalls from all over the country and locally.

Alice from “those ladies with breast cancer” has called me seven times and many other local people I know. “The firefighters” and “the veterans” are others.

Con artists realize the government or law enforcement are not going to do anything, so they don’t care about the potential penalties for violating the “no call” list.

I have seen elderly clients stumble rushing to the telephone only to find the caller is a scammer advising them that their student loan is in arrears.

Pollsters are often wrong because of their skewed sample of only people willing to answer them.

I do not buy products from companies that use telemarketers. If the government can’t stop them, the public can choose to not deal with them, not to buy their products, not to donate to their organizations, and not to answer their poll questions.

Pete Bosse, Lewiston

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