I’m confused. Is Jared Golden running for Congress or commandant of the Marine Corps? Former Democrat, now Republican, Sen. Tom Saviello joyfully related how Golden works across the aisle.

Apparently this trait did not extend to Lewiston city staff and mayor. Golden and the rest of Lewiston’s state legislators voted against all city welfare bills, bills dealing with fraud and ceasing tax money to illegal immigrants.

Golden owes his seat to Lewiston’s part-time Bates College student residents and the Maine People’s Alliance.

When mayoral candidate Ben Chin referred to a Lewiston neighborhood as “racist,” neither Golden nor Lewiston’s representatives challenged the remark.

When staffing at the Lewiston Veteran Center, which deals with combat veterans’ PTSD, fell from eight to three, Congressman Bruce Poliquin had the center quickly fully staffed. Again, Golden and Lewiston’s legislators sat silent.

Golden gets an A+ for patriotism. Looking out for working taxpayers: a blue F-.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston

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