I would like to add some information to the letter written by Pete Bosse regarding telemarketers (Sun Journal, Oct. 10). Bosse wrote that some robocalls are local. That appears to be true, according to one’s caller ID.

A few weeks ago I received such a call and decided to dial back that number, which usually results in a message that says the number is no longer in service. Imagine my surprise when the manager of a local motel answered the phone. (I would rather not say which motel it was.) I explained to him the call I had received and he seemed very concerned that the motel’s number had been used that way. I told him that scammers are now using local numbers so that people will not necessarily ignore the call.

People should keep that in mind if they receive a “local” call but do not recognize the number.

Cheryl Rivard, Lewiston

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