Dear Sun Spots: Would you please spread the word to please not put any political or business signs at Veterans Memorial Park on Main Street in Lewiston? We have put out this notice at least once a year. This park is to honor all those who have served our military and our country.

The L&A Veterans Council would also like to inform the public that on Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11, we will hold our Annual Veterans Day Program at the Lewiston Armory at 10 a.m. We call the ceremony “Pass in Review and Musical Tribute” for all veterans and military personnel. This is also a good time for the public to come over and thank a veteran for the service he or she has performed to keep our country free. Families are welcome at this free event. — Bert, no town

ANSWER: It does concern me that folks would put up any kind of signage at the memorial park. I know all of those who are running for different offices want to get the word out, but as Bert has asked, please keep your campaign signs away. There are lots of other places to put them where they will be noticed.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Crafters are wanted for the New Vineyard Public Library Annual Holiday Crafts and Bake Sale on Saturday, Nov. 17, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Smith Hall, Route 27 in New Vineyard. There will be a great selection of local holiday crafts, including wreaths, quilts, jewelry, paintings, and of course, baked goods: pies, breads and cookies. More crafters are welcome. If you are interested in having a table, please contact the library at 652-2250 or [email protected] — Sandra, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thanks for featuring us in your column (Oct. 25 Sun Spots). We are also hoping that our state reconsiders the flag. Our Original Maine website is actually, not Thanks! We really appreciate it! — Chris, no town

ANSWER: I really do apologize for the mistake, Chris. Thank you for writing in so I can let my readers know. I love that you’re making these beautiful flags available! They are perfect.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding your recent columns about robo calls, our solution was to buy a MagicjackGo device (at Walmart or online) for $35. This has one year of service. We ported our old number from FairPoint for a one-time $20 fee (or you can just use one of their numbers) and paid a minor tax and 911 charge. We plugged the device into the router and ran a phone line from the device to a phone jack to power all of the house jacks). It has an option to ask callers to key in an extra digit to disable auto calls. And also has option to receive and place home calls on your cellphone. It works if you have power and internet so you would want to have a cellphone in case of a power outage. The call quality is not quite as good, but this price is excellent and we went from five to eight robo calls per day to two to three per year. — Sue, no town

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