Here is what I believe the Democrats will do if they win in the November election.

Janet Mills will empty all the state’s capital reserves to pay for health care expansion; then sign all the bonds, which will cost nearly $320 million. Where is she getting that from? She will borrow it. Within 24 hours after taking office, Mills will have Maine right back in the hole it just got out of.

Jared Golden wants taxpayers to pay for needles for drug addicts and allow welfare people to use taxpayer money for lottery tickets, tattoos, booze and cigarettes, instead of food for their children.

Eryn Gilchrist wants to subsidize all health care for everyone, even the rich. Maybe that is how it is done in her home state of Connecticut. I would like to know how she intends to pay for all that free stuff. Hopefully, I won’t find out.

Glenn Chateauvert, Greene

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