I met Seth Carey a year ago when a family member needed a lawyer. He was very kind and open-minded with the whole case. He sat and listened to everything that my family member was going through and not once judged my family member, which is very important this day and age.

I have enjoyed getting to know Carey as a lawyer and individual as well. It was nice to see him be involved with the Wilton Blueberry Festival and have several children walking in the parade with him. It showed me he is a family person and that he cares.

It is time for a change and I encourage people to vote for someone who cares for others as individuals. Seth Carey will fight for the people.

Dalene Tyler, Wilton

Editor’s note: Candidate Seth Carey’s license to practice law in Maine is currently suspended. A hearing to determine sanctions is scheduled for Nov. 14. Under Maine law, “only attorneys admitted to the general practice of law in this State … may be elected or appointed district attorney.”

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