Friday night, Nov. 2, the Jewish congregation of Temple Shalom welcomed in the Sabbath with a community service. Shalom, as many may know, means peace. The name of our temple is so fitting for this occasion.

I thank those people who joined us in a stand against hatred. Eleven died from the hate of one. Eleven families know a sorrow none of us should ever know.

But this one man has not deterred us. With almost 300 people in attendance and well over 200 non-Jews, our temple was filled to overflowing — with Muslims and Jews, Christians and atheists, standing together. Saying we will not be afraid. Hatred is wrong. Hatred shall not stand. Together, we shout diversity and acceptance are good. That is what makes this American melting pot a success.

Eleven ministers and pastors spoke, read or gave a short prayer. A sad occasion brought together this diverse group, but it shows our community, our country and our world, that love and acceptance are stronger than hate ever will be.

The Jewish community, both locally and nationally, is so very touched and grateful for the support we have received during the recent days through emails, calls and letters. Thank you, Lewiston-Auburn, for being one of the many communities that shows its support for the Jewish community, for peoples everywhere and for what is right.

May Shalom — peace — follow you throughout your days.

David Allen, president, Temple Shalom, Auburn

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