Last Sunday a Spanish-accented, English-as-a-second-language alien gave a lesson on what it means to be an American.

His name is José.

What was the amazing thing that he did? He spent the morning cooking, then loaded up his Taco truck, drove to where all the refugees were huddled in tent cities, cars and on the ground, and he fed them burritos. For free.

He was greeted with tears and thanks and hugs.

These refugees have lost everything. They have no homes to return to. They have no idea what to do next. Some only have the clothes on their backs. They are desperate, tired and hungry.

These refugees had been there for eight days and are facing an indeterminate amount of time in shelters. They have no idea what their fate is.

These are the refugees from the Camp Fire. 

And Jose? Well he and folks just like him – regardless of their heritage, citizenship or religion – are what make America Great.

It’s called humanity.

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