DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’d like to thank all of you who have donated sewing supplies for “Dress A Girl Around The World” ( since March. With your help, I have made over 100 beautiful handmade dresses for girls in need! I’m a 90-year-old great-grandmother who can proudly state that my daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter and niece have all joined me in this mission, helping to create an additional 100 dresses so far! This not-for-profit international campaign brings dignity to girls and young women around the world by providing what might be the only item of clothing they have ever owned. Putting the “Dress A Girl” label on the dresses helps protect them from predators, as the label indicates that an organization is looking after them. These dresses show the girls they are worthy of respect and that they are loved.

I’m hoping readers might have more children’s fabric to donate. I’m running short and have a long, cold winter of sewing ahead of me! The fabric needs to be 100 percent cotton, at least one yard, with no images of food, words, patriotic designs, Halloween, Christmas or trademarked characters (example: Disney characters or sports teams). Think bright, fun, bold, happy, girly designs in all colors, not just pink!

I’m also in need of ½-inch wide, double fold bias tape in all colors; this is what the adjustable straps are made from. Again, 100 percent cotton, ½-inch wide, at least 3 yards (no partial lengths, please) and in all colors.

My granddaughter has kindly offered to pick up donations, just call me at 207-782-2065 or drop them off at the Sun Journal front desk, as she works there. Thank you for your help!

— Ruth, Auburn

ANSWER: This is a wonderful thing you do, Ruth and I wish you many hours of sewing pleasure this winter!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Some time ago someone wrote in that they couldn’t receive Channel 8 on their TV. Shortly after, someone responded that they had found a way to get Channel 8.

Could Sun Spots reprint that letter? We haven’t been able to watch that channel since we got the TV we now have. Previously, we had been able to watch it with no problem.

If you can’t find the information, is there someone in Sun Spots Land who knows what to do? We miss our favorite programs that were on Channel 51, MeTV, until it presumably moved to Channel 8. Any help would be appreciated.

— No name, Wales

ANSWER: The response you are referring to about Channel 8 reception is from four years ago and may not apply today, but this is it in a nutshell: Do you have an outdoor antenna? It’s recommended that it works better than an indoor one and that it is a VHF, not a UHF. Either way, you probably have to relocate the one you have and with each adjustment, you also have to re-scan for available channels.

Because of your location, seasonal weather changes and even the hilly terrain can affect your ability to tune into the station. If you still have trouble and need more specifics, contact the front desk at WMTW at 207-835-3888. Have the specifics of your location, TV and equipment ready to share with them, and someone will help you. If there are any readers with good advice, chime in!

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