What do people want in the new Edward Little High School? That’s a trick question, especially when everyone knows the Auburn School Department and the school community have no interest in saving one dollar of the multi-million dollar project coming to voters in 2019.

An artificial turf football field that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more than grass is a no-brainer. Raising property taxes, making Auburn unaffordable, will be the choice, of course. It’s chase-the-ball mentality, not education, as in entertainment — watching the little ones bashing their brain boxes, maiming and disabling each other — that’s good stuff. Students’ dreams of becoming multimillionaire NFL football players are just that — dreams.

On a positive note, because more than half the student population live in poverty and are food-insecure, having air conditioning is a good idea. Then students could go to school year-round and receive a healthy breakfast and lunch. Teachers could still get their half-day Wednesdays for training purposes, all summer long. That would be a win-win.

It is all about the childrens’ future, right?


OK, children, let’s head out and practice ringing each other’s bell and get educated about insurance and health care.

Jeffrey Keenan, Auburn

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