In recent news stories, NASA has been featured because of the spacecraft sent to Mars. I question why this country wants to search Mars. And why, with all the money and brain power used to send that spacecraft, couldn’t that submarine, the USS Thresher, be retrieved, with all the lost men on board?

We are given to dwell on this Earth and we can’t even keep the water clean in Flint, Michigan; and now the trouble with romaine lettuce. I bought some a few weeks ago and even though I washed it and cooked it in a fry pan, it made me sick.

What on Earth is it about Mars that this country would waste so much money to invent a machine to fly there? Scientists could not stop hurricanes Michael and Florence; they don’t have the power to stop the big winds fanning the fires in California. Are they looking for a place where the next load of trash can be delivered since we have run out of space here on Earth? Did scientists learn nothing from when that spacecraft exploded, killing the schoolteacher and others?

The heavens is our God’s throne and the Earth is his footstool.

Heidi Weber, Dryden

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