BRUNSWICK — One of the remaining drive-in burger joints in America is up for sale.

Fat Boy, which has been dishing up burgers, fries and lobster rolls since the mid-1950s in Brunswick, appears to be on the market.

Fat Boy announced on Facebook it was closing after Labor Day, but indicated it was only closing for the season. A “For Sale” sign from Magnusson Balfour brokers under the business’ signature marquee on Bath Road seems to indicate otherwise.

A listing for a restaurant on the website of Magnusson brokers does not mention Fat Boy by name, but does describe a Cumberland County business going for $1.15 million as a “popular turn key,” seasonal, fast food establishment that is “known to thousands around the world for its nostalgic business flavor.” The reason for the sale was listed as retirement.

Owners Jeanne and Ken Burton have been running the business since the 1980s. Fat Boy grilled up its first burger in 1955, across the road from the former Brunswick Naval Air Station.

The drive-in’s seasonal opening has been heralded as an unofficial start of spring every year for those in the southern midcoast with a penchant for nostalgia. The restaurant has had its share of ups and downs, including a lack of seasonal help.

Fat Boy Drive-In, a popular Brunswick burger joint, is for sale. (John Swinconeck/Times Record)

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