DEAR SUN SPOTS: In August I sent an inquiry to Sun Spots regarding Rails Restaurant in Lewiston. It closed before I had a chance to redeem my gift certificate. It was suggested that I contact the Attorney General’s office. I did that but didn’t receive any service at all. I was told that it was just too bad and I won’t get anything. 

In the Aug. 31 Sun Spots, it was stated to please be patient while the owners of the closed restaurant work through things. I think I have been patient and am still wondering where this leaves me and my unredeemed gift certificate.

— No name, no town

ANSWER: You sound frustrated and I don’t blame you a bit. I know this is tedious and you want to have a resolution. The restaurant business can be very unpredictable and challenging. I have seen establishments closed overnight for numerous reasons.  

I have been in contact with the owner of the restaurant in question and she’s aware of your request to have this resolved. Just recently, she told me that Sea 40 is honoring Rails gift cards at 50% of the value. The owner also added that she is in the process of settling business affairs with creditors and vendors and if there are remaining funds when all that is over, she will do her best to do something for gift card holders.

If you don’t want to accept the 50 % of the value of your gift card from Sea 40 and the gift card was purchased with a credit card, you may be able to get a full refund from the credit card company. In some cases, there is a “guaranteed return” policy that allows for cardholders to return a purchase even if a business won’t or can’t. Call the credit card’s customer service line and check with them.

For future reference, as far as the Attorney General’s office goes, I suggest you email them with the details of your complaint at [email protected]. Include your name, address and phone number, and they will get back to you. They get thousands of requests every month, but they are there to serve all of us in the State of Maine, you included!

You can also contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint regarding a business at There are several ways to do this, but the online chat is the quickest.

Because Rails is making the effort and has created the partnership with Sea 40 to provide some value for your gift certificate, you may have to accept this compromise.

Sea 40 is at 40 East Ave. in the Lewiston Mall. Call 207-795-6888 for reservations and go enjoy yourself!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What happened to Rich, the old man on “Mountain Men” on the History Channel?

— No name, no town

ANSWER: The scoop on Idahoan Rich Lewis is that he left “Mountain Men” voluntarily because he felt he was getting too old to hunt those mountain lions. Another source said he didn’t really enjoy being in the spotlight. There has been no official answer from Lewis himself to this burning question. Readers, if you’re a fan of “Mountain Men” and know more than I do about Rich, please write!

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