In his column, “Issue in need of action, not denial” (Dec. 9), Elliott Epstein is exactly right. The science regarding climate change and its accelerated cause couldn’t be more objective.

• Core ice samples from Greenland and Norway, going back some five million years, provide indisputable evidence that the world’s conversion to carbon fuels (coal and oil) have significantly changed the molecular carbon dioxide ratio in the Earth’s troposphere from a natural range of around 250 parts per million to almost 400 ppm. The top number is gaining fast.

• The last natural age of extinction on Earth related to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere took more than 1,000 years to develop (those core samples, again). The current rate is on a scale to one-tenth (100 years) reaching the same point.

• The world’s oil producers are currently pumping 100.1 million barrels of oil daily. A math freak might trace the number of days since the 19th-century oil age started through to the present day and calculate the number of barrels consumed versus the increase in parts per million of CO2 on the core samples. Anyone but flat-Earth believers might consider the ratio to be valid evidence of a crisis.

• Anyone who things the planet can burn 100.1 million barrels of oil daily, year in and year out, and not increase the CO2 content of the troposphere and not face a consequence, deserves a pat on the head from Donald Trump and a job in his Environmental Protection Agency.

Robert Moorehead, Paris

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