“It was on a cold and windy day that Jocelyn the fairy got lost and flew right into a snowstorm. The wind blew so hard that Jocelyn was blown down into a hole, or at least what looked like one. It was actually just the footprint of a little girl named Taylor.”

So begins “The Little Lost Fairy,” the story of a young girl coping with the sickness of a beloved aunt and the fairy that provides her with hope.

The book was written by Lewiston preschool teacher Rebecca Sosny, who penned the book as a way of helping her own family confront the ravages of cancer. We caught up with Sosny and asked her about her work, and discovered that some of the magic found within the pages of “The Little Lost Fairy” might have spilled over into the real world, as well.

What inspired you to write “The Little Lost Fairy? The actual story was written in January 2013 when I was taking a class in children’s literature and at the same time my aunt Jeanne was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, once in 2000, then again in December 2012. My children, Jake and Taylor, are very close to my aunt Jeanne, which is their great-aunt Jeanne. I thought I might as well use this opportunity to create something for my family and my children, as well as receive my college credits. My daughter Taylor was 12 years old at the time and she truly believed that fairy magic could make her aunt Jeanne well. We even created a garden at our home. After that, the story came to life watching my daughter hope for a miracle. And a miracle did happen, and my aunt Jeanne is well and cancer free.

What was the hardest part of writing the book? I think the hardest part was finding a company to help me publish my book. I enjoy writing and creating my thoughts onto paper. The original book that was submitted to Mascot Publishing had a mixed medium of photographs and acrylic paint. When I told them that I wanted an illustrator who would enhance my work and create the characters from the photographs of my children and my niece, well, that took a while to find the right person. When I finally found the person, my story came to life. I am very thankful for Jeanne Conway. Her work is amazing.

What was the most enjoyable? Watching my family and friends see my book come to life. To share this story about hope. My family has retold this story to friends who have dealt with cancer or even lost someone to the awful disease.


How has the book helped your family cope with the ugliness of cancer? I think this was a way for my family to connect to help my aunt Jeanne heal. My sister Jocelyn, who lives in Oregon, is also very close to my aunt Jeanne as well as myself. The fairy is a character based on my sister Jocelyn’s daughter. I believe that it helped them feel connected to and be a part of what was going on so far away. My niece has the original copy of the photographs and story. Each family member has encouraged me to get it published, for the story gives everyone hope! Nothing is impossible if you just BELIEVE! The first time I read the story to my aunt she cried.

Do you plan to write any more books? I would love to write another book, but let’s see how I do with this book before I venture into creating something new. Let’s just say I have many ideas for future stories.

When you’re not writing, what are you up to? I have been teaching preschool for over 25 years and I currently teach for Promise Early Education. In my spare time I enjoy painting, spending time with my granddaughter, my family and the love of my life, my Perry.

Where can readers purchase a book? If they would like to purchase a book they can go onto Facebook and look for my “THE LITTLE LOST FAIRY:” private message me. Use PayPal account @littlelostfairy and give me info on where to mail the book.

Cover of Rebecca Sosny’s book “The Little Lost Fairy.”
Rebecca Sosny

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