100 years ago: 1918

Businessmen of Lewiston and Auburn are working separately, but with the same objective are going to be heard in Portland today. And they will speak in no uncertain tones. The occasion will be the annual meeting of the Maine Automobile Association, and the object of the local delegation will be to bring about better roads for this vicinity. A prominent businessman said that the lack of good roads has handicapped these cities. The Lewiston Journal has printed columns and columns on the subject, and every word has been true.

50 years ago: 1968

Honesty pays … but sometimes it’s a difficult battle. Kurt Johnston, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston of 69 Field Avenue, Auburn, newsboy lost his collection money some time ago — a loss partially covered by his dad’s insurance. A day or so ago, the bag was found tucked behind the soft drink cooler at Smith’s store, at the corner of Park Avenue and Lake Street, where young Johnston waits for the arrival of his papers. According to the boy’s father (he’s a Superior Court reporter) the bag still contained about $20. in coins and the youngster — thought he had a “windfall.” After thinking it over, however, he marched down and turned the money over to the insurance company repaying part of the loss paid by the firm.’ “After seeing some of the young people we have to deal with in court, something like this makes me feel good,” Johnston told the Journal.

25 years ago: 1993

One of the most popular Broadway shows of all time, “Fiddler on the Roof,” is coming to the Community Little Theatre stage Jan.14 and 15 and 21 and 22. The show has a cast and crew of more than 50 people from many surrounding towns and cities, and will also offer a 20-member orchestra of semi-professional and professional status. The crew members pooling their talents to produce the show are director and musical director, Paul O. Caron; assistant director, Gerry Therrien; choreographer, Annette L. Bourque; producer, Pat Melaragno; stage manager, Celeste Philippon; assistant stage manager, Skip Mowry; set, stage and lighting design, Dick Martin; costume coordinator, Doris Asselin Biel; assistant costume coordinator, Liz Feeley; make-up, John Blanchette; set decor, Pat Melaragno; sound design, Scott Adair; props, Holly Cooney and publicity, Annette L. Bourque. “Fiddler on the Roof” was last performed on the CLT stage more than 20 years ago.

The material used in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors may be corrected.

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