The Sun Journal should print a disclaimer when publishing articles promoting junk science or fake news.

The article, “Climate talks go forward,” appearing Dec. 15, claims that “… to prevent the Earth’s average global temperatures from rising above 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century compared to pre-industrial times.”

It is possible that technology now is in place (or will be by the end of the century) to accurately measure the temperature of the entire Earth, from pole to pole and all around over every square inch every minute and then calculate the average temperature within 0.1 degree Celsius, but I seriously doubt it.

However, there is no way that anyone can determine to 0.1 degree Celsius accuracy the average temperature of the entire Earth (much of which had not then been explored) in pre-industrial times. Yet, that temperature must be known to that accuracy to calculate the change to within 0.1 degree Celsius.

This is obviously a spurious claim that throws all of the claims of the UN climate group in doubt.

There are serious scientists who question the claims of those who say, “the sky is falling” over man-made global warming. They must be heard.

Thomas Standard, Sumner

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