100 years ago: 1919

Harrison G. Otis, Auburn, city manager and the first city manager in Maine, has resigned to take effect immediately. The resignation was accepted at an executive meeting of the city council Thursday night. Mr. Otis assumed the duties of city manager in February 1918.

50 years ago: 1969

No new apparent changes are being made at the Auburn Post Office, it was reported by Postmaster Donald Gauthier, Tuesday night. Officials, as in Lewiston, anxiously await the construction of a new structure being built. The Auburn Post Office, it was reported, will be constructed within the Great Falls Urban Renewal Area near where it is presently located.

25 years ago: 1994

Margaret Woodhead is not embarrassed to say that Friday’s opening of the new Bridge Street bridge ranks among the most thrilling moments of her life. That is because Woodhead, a self-proclaimed little old lady, lobbied city officials so long and so hard for the bridge, which serves the neighborhood behind Central Maine Medical Center. “I just hoped I’d live long enough to see the ribbon cut,” the 85-year-old Woodhead said Friday. Before the old bridge was ordered closed by the state, Woodhead was talking to friends and neighbors about the need for a new Bridge Street bridge. The old one was crumbling, she said, and every day there was a new pothole. Woodhead, a Summer Street resident for 52 years before moving in with her son recently, stepped up her efforts two years ago when the old bridge was closed.

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