LEWISTON — An investigation is underway into a suspicious device with a lens that was found in the women’s locker room at Bates College.

Lewiston police said the device is something anyone could buy at a store, but they wouldn’t say where it was in the locker room.

A lieutenant said his investigating officer took the item to the state police crime lab Monday to see what they could get from it.

Investigators said the state computer crimes unit is trying to determine the type of device, if there are recordings or images on it, and trace the digital footprint to its owner. They’re also trying to determine who had access to the women’s locker room over the holiday break.

According to Bates College, players and coaches on the women’s basketball team were in the locker room Friday afternoon before practice when they found the device.

On Monday, the women’s basketball team played in a holiday tournament in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Bates Communications Officer Sean Findlen said the school has serious concerns over the discovery.

“Providing a safe and secure environment for everyone on our campus is of paramount importance to all of us at Bates, whether it’s students, faculty, staff,” Findlen said.

Lewiston police said if someone placed the device in the locker room on purpose, they could be charged with violation of privacy, a Class D crime punishable by up to less than a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.

A state police crime lab is investigating a possible camera found in a women’s locker room at Bates College. (WGME photo)

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