The Democrats now have the governing power in Maine. How long before the “rainy day” money is spent and how long before the work requirement is lifted for able Medicaid recipients?

In that the Sun Journal is now the step-child of the Portland Sunday Telegram, when will readers see a similar printing of the votes of the congressional delegation on important issues (how about the votes of the local delegations in the Maine Legislature, too)? It will be revealing to show how representatives voted.

Currently, in the Maine Legislature, there is a small window of time in which to freely introduce legislation. Citizens should contact their senators and representatives now to suggest bills to be introduced into the process toward enactment.

In the U.S. Congress, the 60-vote rule in the Senate has prevented enactment of needed legislation, since there are only 52 Republican senators (and no help from the Democrats). The Democrats’ program simply is to block President Trump’s programs.

Are there any Democrat senators who have different opinions other than Sen. Charles Schumer? It seems that they all are afraid to express their own opinions. Is blocking President Trump’s programs worth sacrificing national security? Why do they allow “sanctuary cities”? I fear for this country if the Democrats with socialist ideas go further to gain control.

The media are very liberal leaning, omitting stories favorable to conservatives and slanting stories to favor Democrats. If this continues, this country will learn the “hard way” about its bad choices.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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