DEAR SUN SPOTS: Each year, the Moxie Festival Committee selects artwork to be used for T-shirts, posters and branded items. Selected artwork will be consistent with the 2019 theme, “Moxie Goes Artsy.” The committee selected this theme to inspire a “distinctively different” visual representation of the Moxie spirit, which means energy, pep and courage. The committee is seeking an artistic image as iconic as the beverage itself.

The Moxie Festival will be held July 12–14, 2019. The committee is looking for submissions from Maine artists that have a unique look and feel. The winning artwork will be reproduced on exclusive, collectible T-shirts, posters, and other festival-branded items. In addition to seeing their artwork proudly displayed on thousands of T-shirts sold and worn during the Moxie Festival, the winner will receive a $750 cash prize, media recognition, the first 2019 printed T-shirt, and the opportunity to judge parade floats designed and inspired by the theme.

The deadline for entries is 4 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31. Winners will be selected by the committee. The winner will be announced on Thursday, Feb. 14. Complete details, contest guidelines and the entry form are available both at at the MTM Community Center, 18 School St., Lisbon Falls.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few times you have published the information for a lady who picks up soda tabs in the area and takes them to Ronald McDonald House in Portland. Could you please print it again?

—Jo, no town

ANSWER: The wonderful woman who has been transporting the tabs to Portland for many years is Mary Ann Norcross. You can reach her at 783-6651. These tabs from aluminum cans (don’t forget soup and vegetable cans!) are sold by weight then the money is used to offset expenses for Ronald McDonald House. Save them and give Mary Ann a call.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have some lavender plants that I have on my deck in the summer. Since they did so well this past year, I decided to try bringing them into the house to see if I could save them over the winter. They’re still surviving, but just barely. I know you must have some advice because you know about so many things.

Deb, no town

ANSWER: I do love lavender and have experimented with wintering it over with a various rate of success. Lavender loves a terracotta pot with good drainage and dry soil. A sandy, alkaline, well-draining potting mix with slow-release fertilizer pellets is the best for them.

Your plants also want lots of sunlight and warmth so it’s necessary to place them near south-facing windows or in rooms where there are skylights. To thrive, lavender needs eight hours of sunlight a day, which is iffy this time of year. If you have a grow light, you may want to use that.

Another important step is to not water the plants too much. If you poke your finger into the soil and it’s dry more than 1 inch deep, it’s time to give the lavender a drink — but not too much!

Your local garden center can assist you if need more information than these tips provide. Readers, if you’ve had success with keeping potted lavender happy over Maine’s long winter, please write!

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