LEWISTON — Local singer Hadith Bani-Adam will bring his traditional and newer songs, accompanied by the instrument the oud, to this week’s Oasis of Music beginning at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 9, at Trinity Church, 247 Bates St.

Bani-adam, a native of Somalia, learned to play and sing at a young age the poetic love songs and ballads of East Africa, and has since composed many of his own, as musical contemplations on human loss and generosity as he has and continues to experience. While he sings his songs in Somali, Bani-Adam is always sure to explain their content in English in a very engaging way.

The oud, a popular instrument from Turkey to Yemen and Somalia, is comparable to a fretless 12-string guitar, but pear-shaped like its cousin the lute, usually with five pairs of strings plus an 11th bass string. Traditionally plucked with a quill, it is more common to use a long and thin piece of synthetic material, to bring out melody, harmony and rhythm.

Admission is free; donations are accepted. For more information, call 207-344-3106.

Somali musician Hadith Bani-Adam will play this week’s Oasis of Music.

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