President Trump’s promise to make America great again seems to be working about as well as his pledge that Mexico would pay for the new border wall that he also promised.

America’s debt has grown dramatically under the Republican president and a Republican-controlled government whose politicians have long campaigned on the assertion that they spend less money than do Democrats.

The tweeting president can’t seem to maintain a staff that isn’t perpetually under criminal investigation or else resigning because they decide they can no longer support the president’s actions.

America’s standing in the world as a strong, reliable leader has diminished with other countries. The nation has lost the trust, respect and the honor it once possessed within world-wide organizations due to Trump’s dishonesty and distressing daily statements.

Trump and his personal family are being investigated for multiple legal accusations by state officials and under federal scrutiny on 17 separate legal counts. So far.

The stock market is at its lowest standing in a decade. It was the worst December since the Great Depression. Republican politicians are abandoning their party because they have decided the GOP no longer supports citizens and has lost whatever strength and focus it had in the past.

Trump was happy to add $34 billion to the defense budget. He crowed that he is proud to claim responsibility for shutting down the government. His price for the wall has increased $600 million during the partial shutdown while he blames Democrats for the closure.

Greatness never looked like this.

Andrew Tasker, Lewiston

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