LEWISTON— The family of Donald Giusti, a Lewiston man who died after a brawl in Kennedy Park in June, released a statement Monday asking for anyone with information to come forward, and for authorities to charge someone with the death.

Donald Giusti (Sun Journal file photo)

“Donnie’s case must also not fall through the cracks or be sidetracked to other, more recent crimes. The investigation must be full and complete and must be finished,” the letter reads.

In the statement, the family said that in the seven months since Giusti’s death,  they’ve been repeatedly told by authorities that charges and arrests would soon be made, but none have been filed.

“We are tired of hearing that something will happen soon when nothing does, and this makes us concerned that the arrests won’t happen. But we are not looking to be appeased, or put off. We can handle the truth and ask those in charge to share it with us.”

The letter, distributed via email by the city, was sent to local media outlets, representatives and community members. The family also called on Giusti’s friends and acquaintances who witnessed the event to tell police what they know. They also called for a stop to violence, including a fight that injured five during a candlelight vigil for Giusti in December in the park.

“More acts of violence and revenge must stop,” the letter said. “The next time, it could be one of your loved ones who’s injured or killed.”

Reached via email Monday afternoon, Lewiston police Lt. David St. Pierre said the department had seen the letter, but did not have a comment.

On Monday afternoon, Maine State Police spokesman Steve McCausland said that the case “continues to be investigated by both state and Lewiston police.”

According to previous reporting, in mid-August 2018, Lt. Mark Holmquist of the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit told the City Council that the pace of the investigation has slowed as investigators analyze evidence.

There have been no updates since.

“We just want justice for Donnie, peace for our community, and to avoid another family like ours dealing with the loss of a father, brother, or son,” the statement reads.

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