• BETHEL —SAD 44 School Board directors Monday heard from Executive Director of the Maine School Management Association Steve Bailey. The presentation focused on the roles and responsibilities of board members.

    The MSMA is a “non-profit federation of local school boards” who help support the interests of public schools and its students.

    Bailey provided many details of what a board member’s role should be, but paid most attention to the board member code of ethics.

    “The code of ethics for board members, it really defines your responsibilities to yourself, responsibility to your superintendent and responsibility to your communities,” Bailey said.

    He asked directors to read the code of ethics and then identify one that they thought was particularly important. He also asked them to choose one or two that may be difficult to achieve.

    Director John Walker of Bethel thought basing decisions on how they will impact the students was crucial.

    Director Lainey Cross of Bethel said the ethic to “listen to all citizens but refer all complaints to proper authorities” could be a challenge. She said not providing answers to their questions immediately would be difficult.

    “You have authority when you’re together, you don’t have authority when you’re an individual talking to the person out on the street,” Bailey said. “You want to listen, you want to make sure they hear you, but then refer the complaints or concerns to the proper authorities, whether it be the chair or superintendent.”

    Other ethics listed were to not make “any disparaging remarks, in or out of the board meetings,” supporting a “decision graciously once it has been made by the majority of the Board,” and to “make decisions openly after all facts bearing on a question have been presented and discussed.” There were 18 total ethics listed.

    Other business

    Superintendent Dave Murphy announced that additional surveillance cameras have been approved for the exterior of Telstar Middle and High School. Transportation/Maintenance Supervisor Ron Deegan said the school received $18,000 from Homeland Security to help with the cameras.

    Another $8,000 was used to buy lock systems for Woodstock Elementary School. Deegan explained that teachers can use a key to get inside the building, but the once the key is pulled out the doors will lock again.

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