100 years ago: 1919

Mayor Lemaire states that the matter of installing a signal system in the Police Department should be done in a business-like manner. “Why not get bids on the open market?” suggests the mayor.

50 years ago: 1969

Richard M. Nixon ended his first day as President on a jubilant social note with a tour of six inaugural balls so jampacked with bejeweled ladies and tuxedo-clad men that dancing was a near impossibility. At least 3,000 ball-goers gave the new president and first lady cheering ovations as he made the rounds Monday night in white tie and tails, making brief speeches laced with humor and expressing faith in the American people. The President and his family spent about 30 minutes at each ball. Nixon, in a joking mood, reported that “President Johnson left the lights on at the White House for us.”

25 years ago: 1994

Sentiment was expressed by many at the Sun-Journal this week when the retirement of a longstanding newsroom staff member was announced. Maxine Talon, a Sun-Journal employee for 38 years, retired from her position as Community News Coordinator. Recognized by some as the “main-stay of the newsroom,” Talon is regarded by co-workers as compassionate, wise, helpful, generous and supportive.

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