Congratulations to the students of Kingfield Elementary School, who according to an article in the Sun Journal Jan. 17, have asked selectmen to ban plastic bags at stores.

I was shocked but hardly surprised by a “60 Minutes” segment Jan. 3, which demonstrated in detail the extent to which we are now surrounded by plastic waste. It is a sad reality that single-use plastics, such as straws and bags, are not generally accepted for recycling. As readers probably know, plastic products entering the nation’s rivers and oceans never fully degrade into less harmful products.

Not surprisingly, plastic can now be found throughout all portions of the food chain, which of course culminates in us humans. So it is not just a threat to fish and animal populations. Several studies have confirmed the presence of plastics (and other pollutants) in human breast milk. How healthy can that be?

I have introduced resolutions at the Maine Medical Association and have contacted members of state government to encourage legislation to eliminate single-use plastics, or at least plastic bags, at retail locations in the state. I hope readers can appreciate and support such initiatives.

Gregory D’Augustine, Greene