100 years ago: 1919

Walter Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson of Myrtle Street, Auburn, has returned from France, where he has been since March. He enlisted in the 54th motor-artillery and before going overseas was stationed at Fort McKinley. He was in active service until the Armistice in November.

50 years ago: 1969

A New Gloucester service station operator today notified Auburn police that he may have foiled an attempt at a” flim-flam” by three persons who stopped at his establishment. Police said Lionel Sampson told them that three men in a red sedan stopped at his service station and bought one can of oil, offering a twenty dollar bill to pay for the item. Sampson told authorities the three men started to exchange money with him and he slammed the cash register shut and demanded the proper amount of money for the item. The car, registered to a Portland resident was last seen heading for Auburn.

25 years ago: 1994

The United Methodist Women of Auburn will meet Feb. 1. at the church on Park Avenue. Anne Stauffer, an Auburn teacher who spent a year in China, will tell about her experiences there.

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