I am leaving the Democratic Party. I have had enough of the blame-shifting and no movement on the shutdown. Democrats are unwilling to negotiate at all. Republicans have at least tried to find common ground.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have now gone so far away from the real issue that they have to stay their course or risk losing their followers.

They have already lost me.

Another reason — Jared Golden.

I did not vote for him. I explained to the nice couple from Massachusetts who were stumping for him that I couldn’t support him as I felt he did not have enough experience.

When Golden was declared the victor, I said that would give him the benefit of the doubt, especially when he said that he possibly would not vote for Pelosi as Speaker.

Apparently, enough newly elected representatives drank the Pelosi Kool-Aid, so we now have the vino-drinking Pelosi trying to run the show, even if Golden did not support her.

I am very disappointed in the new crop of representatives and the lack of decorum they have shown. Come to think of it, I am disappointed in the old guard, as well.

Eric Coffman, Livermore Falls